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Advanced Tracking


This 4G unit is a car GPS tracker with IP67 water-resistance rating and also can be installed into motorcycles, yachts, and boats.  It is equipped with a 1-Wire interface, which can be connected to the iButton reader, temperature sensor, fuel level sensor, etc.

I/O's Offer outstanding configuration flexibility to cater to a wide variety of requirements.

The device Detects driver behaviors, such as the driver fatigue, idling, harsh acceleration/braking, harsh cornering, collision, etc.

GV350 Queclink

The GV350 series (LTE) includes three models of GNSS tracking devices with multiple interfaces including two RS232 serial ports and a 1-wire interface, etc. The series supports LTE Cat M1/NB1 network on multiple bands for operation globally with a fallback to EGPRS. The device support 2 RS232 serial ports on 16 pin Molex type connector, for external devices (GARMIN protocol support). It support also CANbus interface.

fmm130 Teltonika

FMM130 is small and professional real-time tracking terminal with GNSS and LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT/GSM connectivity and backup battery. Device equipped with GNSS/Bluetooth and LTE CAT-M1/NB-IoT modules with fallback to 2G network, internal GNSS and LTE antennas, configurable digital, analogue inputs and digital outputs, negative input, impulse inputs. It is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed.

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