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The smartest way to manage your Fleet

Our Story

IDNtrac is a division of iDNS specialized in remote asset monitoring and fleet management. IDNtrac real- time GPS tracking systems provide real time information as well as live tracking and reports about the fleet, Equipment and personnel, enabling the business to manage its resources more effectively, leading to potential savings in fleet running costs, increases in productivity and improved customer service.

Our Vision & Mission

Vision: To offer innovated and smart solutions. We make things visible with connectivity and real time analytics while keeping an eye on sustainability.

Mission: To Help maximize business safety, compliance and efficiency of remote assets by provide quality, smart, customizable and integrated automatic asset location system using internet of things (IOT) and Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies tailored for any business customers who have fleet to monitor in Saudi Arabia and beyond. Our solutions helps to provide secure atmosphere therefore the community will have better place to live. Our employee is the first customer, by sharing their ideas, experts and talents, the company can achieve and sustain profitable growth. We operates under high ethical manners and do respect rights and privacy of all.



Our powerful, rugged and cost-effective devices, modems and sensors are used to track, monitor and control assets anywhere in the world.


IDNtrac is a single-source of multiple satellite and cellular networks for complete and reliable global coverage for Machine To Machine (M2M) and Internet of Thing (IoT) applications.


DNtrac powerful web reporting applications deliver the insights fleet managers need to make smart decisions and improve the bottom line.

The Company

Why Us?

IDNS Rastrac Dashboard
IDNS Rastrac Anaysis


We provide Smart Fleet Management system that incorporate functions of sensing and control.. Analyze Fleet performance, Ensure optimum fleet utilization and efficiency, detect driver behavior, and make decisions in a predictive or adaptive manner, thereby performing smart actions.


Our quality Real-Time fleet management system keeping your vehicles operating in a good enough condition so that they are safe, reliable and can stay on the road longer. We provide cloud-based or server-based package. It  has an open API for integration with existing back-office systems, a custom white labeling for the interface, and offers advanced functionality for driver behavior monitoring and robust report building tools. Our experts has made our entire offering feature-rich, reliable and trustworthy with a 99.99% up-time record.

IDNS Fleet Management
IDNS Vehicle Tracking

Feature Rich

Location:  Whenever an asset enters or leaves the area, an automatic alert will be sent via text or email to notify the manager of the movement.

Driver behavior: View And Gather Insights Onto Your Drivers Behaviors- Sudden Acceleration, Sudden Braking, Hours of operation, Harsh Cornering And Over-Speeding.

Fleet Condition: Is your vehicle or asset running in good working condition? With our remote fleet monitoring capabilities, you can track a variety of events and conditions, including: Engine Idle Time, Engine Performance, Hours of Use, Door Status, Activations/Deactivations and even much more.

Environmental Conditions: you can access data in real time or receive automated reports and notifications about the conditions within your vehicle. including: Refrigeration levels, Vehicle weight, Pressure, Temperature, Fuel ...etc.


We offer a variety of GPS tracking solutions for vehicles and other business assets designed to fill a broad range of needs. We have extensive experience in helping organizations fulfill their needs and goals. With flexible options for tracking devices and software, plus consistent customer service, We have made integrating GPS tracking with your day-to-day operations easier for over 16 years. we do believe in " Customer is King"

IDNS Custome Care
Why Us


IDNS OBD Tracking In Saudi Arabia

OBD ii GPS tracker is the most convenient vehicle GPS tracking device.

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Sensors and Accessories

Weight Sensors

Weight Sensor.png

The public Transport Authority (PTA) mandate all trucks to install weight ...

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Door Sensor

Door Sensor.jpg

Door sensor delivers enhanced visibility of trailer and container ...

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Temperature Sensor 

Temp Sensor.jpg

Temperature sensors integrate into cold chain monitoring Solutions ... 

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Fuel Sensor


The feature-rich device delivers connectivity to assets both in and out ...

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Rastrac IDNS
Meitrack IDNS
Weight Sensor IDNS
teltonika IDNS
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